Силачи в силичах 2008 (113)

Athletes raise a log of certain diameter with handles adapted to the number of times – repetition or weight. Starting weight – 110 kg. The athlete has to lift the log from a platform on his chest by any method that he selects himself. Then the athlete pushes or squeezes the log overhead on outstretched hands and fixes to the time of the referee’s signal (2 sec). Knees of the athlete should be bent when lifting, but at the end of exercises legs should be straight, feet still in line. Then the log should be put to the ground, not thrown.

1 variant. If lifting is for the weight, the athlete makes 5 sets with the ability to pass the weight.

2 variant. In exercise of grasping for repetition it is allowed to put the log on the chest and continue execution of such a position ..

3 variant. If the repetition is exercised on the ground, the athlete should not take his hands off the log at all.

Time limit: 60 seconds.