WORLD STRONGMAN RANKING website helds the registration process in the world’s major sports/professional ranking.

The registration process is called “certification” because after going through a short video course and becoming familiar with the Rating Rules, World Strongman Competition Rules, an athlete agrees to the conditions of the online contract and receives an official Athlete Certificate. A copy of the Certificate with the individual registration number comes to the athlete by email, and its original with the plastic ID comes later by mail.

Registration in the rating allows to participate in rating competitions and accumulate rating points.

Thus, any athlete anywhere in the world will be able to compete with athletes from different countries at the same time and can qualify for the Professional World Cup (Strongmen Games, Ethnosport Challenge and etc.) and for the top division of the Rating – “Top-10” as well.

After certification, the name of the athlete appears in the rating with the status of “Pending qualification” (Qualification is expected). In order to score first points, an athlete needs to take part in the first certified tournament of his choice. As soon as the athlete has the first rating points on the account, he can call on the rating World Cup athletes with a higher rating position.

You can get certified in a few simple steps:

  1. Watch the introductory video or read the introduction.
  2. Pay a registration fee.
  3. View training videos / read the rules.
  4. Confirm your acceptance of the Rules.
  5. Get a certificate of a professional athlete.
  6. Participate in rank events and recieve the rating`s points.

Certification is available at: click this LINK




The Worldwide Unified Strongmen Rating is a productive system that works equally well for everyone in strongmen sport. Whether it’s an athlete, a referee, or an organizer, everyone has the opportunity to turn the work of rating and certification to their advantage not only in terms of promotion, but also in many other aspects.



An athlete while registering in the ranking immediately becomes known for thousands of athletes from different countries around the world. Athlete also gets the opportunity to build a history of his fights, so that if necessary – for sponsors or government – to present it immediately without any extra movements.

With a certain position in the ranking, an athlete can set goals for the future more correctly, as well as build a career with his own hands. Thanks to the points accumulated in the competitions, the athlete can get to the World Cup, Top-10. In the end, the athlete can earn money, thanks to the promotion in the ranking.

If the organizer makes a certified tournament, then, naturally, he has a chance to attract a larger number of participating athletes, especially those who are already registered in the ranking. Thanks to certification making promotion and advertising is easier: an event will be displayed on a special map, and athletes will come to such tournaments in order to earn rating points. It makes sense to fight for a higher quality tournament, as by meeting certain conditions, the organizer can achieve a higher value for the certification system, which means more points for participants.

Previously, in order to organize an event, it was necessary to find sponsors, make an event, and then all over again. Certification provides the opportunity, as in the case of an athlete, to keep the history of the tournaments held, which greatly facilitates work with sponsors and authorities.

To hold a certified tournament, you do not need big expenses, you just need a approved equipment, rules, a certified referee and a secretary. Some organizers may arrange regular tournaments to make it easier for athletes to earn points.

A certified referee is required for a unified ranking tournament. Placement of certified referees will be mapped to make them easier to find. The refs will also conduct seminars and train others, since this year we will need about 200 certified referees all over the world.

The menu of this system is as simple and user-friendly as possible. For example, registration for athletes does not require much time. You only need to read the introduction , pay the registration fee and read the rules, confirm your agreement with the rules and get a certificate of an athlete.

In the profile of a registered athlete, can find out on which championships he earned his points, which places he took, as well as all the results of each discipline.

In the menu of a competitions that the athlete spent, not only the place of the competition is displayed, but also all results in disciplines and the conditions under which it took place: fouls, injures, disqualifications.

Such information can greatly simplify the further training of the athlete and make it more concentrated and logical. In addition, you no longer need to keep in mind a list of all your results in competitions and in each discipline, the rating will do everything for you!

Registration form for athlete. Click this LINK.

The system counts the points received by each athlete on the basis of the following formula:

 P * Q = S

P – the indicator of points of the place occupied by the athlete

Q – the coefficient of competition`s rating (multiplier)

S – the numerical indicator of the rating points received by the athlete

Rating points are awarded in accordance with the place occupied by the athlete in the tournament as follows:


The tournament`s rank value ( Q – the coefficient of competition`s rating (multiplier) :

1World championship10
2Continental championship6
3World Cup, Strongmen Games4
4Subcontinental championship, Ethnosport Challenge2
5National championship1
6International tournament0,5