Education is an extremely important part of an effective anti-doping program and is the first line of defense in protecting the rights of clean athletes. WSF provides extensive anti-doping education to its members, helping athletes and support personnel understand their rights and responsibilities in regards to doping free sports of STRONGMEN.

What is doping? 

Doping is defined as the occurrence of one or more of the following anti-doping rule violations- ADRV:

  1. Presence of a prohibited substance in an athlete´s sample
  2. Use or attempted use of a prohibited substance or methods
  3. Refusing to submit to sample collection after being notified
  4. Failure to file athlete whereabouts information & missed tests
  5. Tampering with any part of doping control process
  6. Possession of a prohibited substance or method
  7. Trafficking a prohibited substance or method
  8. Administering or attempting to administer a prohibited substance or method to an athlete
  9. Complicity in an ADRV
  10. Prohibited association with sanctioned athlete support personnel