World strongman championship 2024

OFFICIAL SPORTS RELEASE 2024 World Strongman Championship


The International Union “World Strongman” with the support of the Emirates Sports Group, are honored to invite you to participate in the 2024 World Strongman Championship, which will take place on March 28, 2024, at the Emirates Sports Hotel in Dubai, UAE. Partner of event – Strong Gym, Dubai.

Key Information:

– Date and Time: March 28, 2024, starting at 19:00 (doors open at 18:00)

– Venue: Emirates Sports Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Weight Categories:

– Men: up to 95 kg, up to 110 kg

– Women: up to 75 kg

Competition Format:

The championship will feature two main relays – Lift and Carry, within which athletes will compete in the following disciplines:

  1. Lift Relay:

   – Stone over bar – 3 repetitions

   – Dumbbell lift – 3 repetitions

   – Axel Deadlift – 3 repetitions

   – Log lift – 3 repetitions

  1. Carry Relay:

   – Sandbag carry – 15 m

   – Yoke race – 15 m

   – Farmer’s walk – 15 m

Special Discipline:

A separate competition for the Fedor Konyukhov Cup – rowing for distance 500 m on a rowing machine.


Official Events:

– March 27, 2024: Press conference at the Dubai Sport Council

– March 28, 2024: World Strongman Championship

– March 29, 2024: The annual official conference of the International Union World Strongman



For registration and additional information about the championship, please contact the organizing committee via email: [email protected].

Important Information:

All participants are required to familiarize themselves with the competition rules and regulations. Detailed information, including participation terms and safety standards, will be provided to registered athletes.


We look forward to seeing you in Dubai to become part of the history of the World Strongman Championship!