Strongman sports are gaining more popularity in China the past years. Although 2020 was slow year for all, 2021 has already ushered in several competitions and several more on the way. Considering only a few years ago these types of competitions were basically nonexistent!

The CSF China Strongman Federation

WORLD STRONGMAN established acting branch in China – the CSF China Strongman Federation continues to push for the development of the sport and a competition league.  Head of CSF Mark Soo is informing: The first Shenzhen’s Strongest held in late April in southern China, Guangdong Province by Lifton and endorsed by CSF will become a regular in the competition calendar. The contest gathered local and foreign athletes that competed in a series of disciplines including Monster Dumbbell, Sandbag Carry, Log Press, Stone to Shoulder and Farmers Carry.  Another first is the Feel Good Fest- Strongman Challenge held in Shanghai by CSF also saw athletes take on disciplines such as Yoke Carry, Viking Press and the Apollon Wheel Elephant Bar deadlift. Both events drew big crowds with an amazing energy and were popular with the ladies as well! Good times and lots of fun, many of whom this was their first contest!

Overall Champions:

Shenzhen’s Strongest Overall Winners

Overall Mens: Huang Chenming

Overall Womens: Yana

Feel Good Fest Strongman Challenge

Overall Womens Anna Pelc

Overall Mens: Tak Fung

Big congratulations to the winners and all the athletes that competed. Competition season or COVID lockdowns training never stops!

Shenzhen’s Strongest

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