Last week for the World Strongman and World Ethnosport has become very eventful. A trip to China, participation in the congress, forum, meetings, negotiations, signing – all this within a few days.

Team of the World Strongman and World Etnosport attended the annual congress of the General Association of Asia and Pacific Sports Federations – GAAPSF and the forum of the sports industry and education in Jinan, Shandun (China).

They also held talks with the president of GAAPSF – Ma Wenguang about joint projects of the World Strongman & World Ethnosport in Asia and Pasific, including China.

At the forum of the sports industry and education, Vladislav Redkin presented the Ethnosport Challenge project. The project aroused keen interest among the participants. As a result of the event, it was agreed to hold the largest Ethnosport Challenge event next year not only in Uzbekistan, but also in China.

An important step in the development of strongman sports in Asia and the Pacific was the signing of a license agreement with the Metal Muscle brand for the production of certified strongman equipment.

In Jinan, guests visited a technological university, computer center and Olympic center. Guests examined the places of possible strongman and ethnosport tournaments.

In same time good news came from another part of the world – in Bogota (Colombia) at a meeting of the 14th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, it was decided to accredit the World Ethnosport as an advisory partner.

In the framework of this status, the center of activity of the World Ethnosport will be Uzbekistan also.

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