World Strongman activity in world on the first half of the year


Karnataka Strongman 2023, India

30 participants across multiple events on 21 of May in Karnataka, India

Selection in India to World Strongman cup in Russia:

India. Qualification for World cup in Russia on August. Great job by Kartik Yadav & Deepak Rao.

The name of Indian athlete who represent India in World strongman cup Russia 2023 is Lalit Yadav!


Biggest international STRONGMAN competition in Iran – Mr. UNIVERSE IRAN, Athletes from Australia, France, Iran, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Russia, Spain.

Mr. Universe Iran – World Strongman cup in Iran U110. IFBB & World Strongman, Champion – Milad Abasabadi (Iran)

Mr. Universe Iran – World Strongman cup in Iran +110. IFBB & World Strongman, Champion – Ramin Farajnejad (Iran)

cooperation with IFBB Iran, Strongman committee – started!

Mr. Universe Iran 2023 – World Strongman cup +110 & U110 RESULTS:


Strength Fest in Indonesia on 18 of March


Referees courses in Spain


European strongman Cup in Poland


Chile go ahead!


World Cup on 11 of June in Tula, teams +110 kg

World Cup on 1 of July in Moscow U110 kg


DRC tyres flips championship by Vandam. L’Agence des Acteurs Sportifs du Congo “A.A.S.C/ASBL” FORCE ONE


Les résultats final de la Mise à Niveau Professionnelle des STRONGMAN:
-1er NGOMBE JONATHAN KIWAMBA CLUB DON BOSCO : 10 Tours de pneu en 49 secondes.
-2è TEDDY KASSAMBI CLUB FORCE ONE: 10 tours de pneu en 52 secondes.
-3è SAMY AGOGO CLUB FORCE ONE: 10 tours de pneu en 58 secondes.
-4è ALI BIN ALI CLUB FORCE ONE: 10 tours de pneu en 1’04”
-5è MESSI BOPE CLUB DON BOSCO: 10 tours de pneu en 1’14”
-6è CHAMEAUX KALALA CLUB FORCE ONE : 10 tours de pneu en 1’21”


1st STRONGMAN BATTLE Russia-Belarus, the new format is started:

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