Squats can take place using barbell, a special machine with platform, specific platform which raises the car. Squats can be both by weight and by repetition.

For a successful attempt, the athlete must perform parallel squats (with certain positions of the legs), bending and then straightening legs to raise the platform. At a signal of the judge, the platform is lowered. Insurance equipment is slightly below the full squat position.

1 variant. If squats are made by weight, then it increases for each round, and attempts are admitted for a raised weight. Athletes perform five attempts with the possibility of crossing weight, given previous notice to the judge. After each attempt the athlete orders a new weight. The result of two alternating failures – stop of further fighting. Time is limited – 60 seconds for each lifting, during which the number of attempts is unlimited. The one who raised the heaviest weight wins. In the event of the same results, those athletes who have fewer attempts will be placed higher. In the case of similar results, points will be divided.

2 variant. If squats are made by repetition the one who made the greatest number of repetitions wins. Time limit – 90 seconds.