Good news from Italy. 25th of August, 2021 was born the Italian strongmen & strongwomen federation (FISS). First strongman & strongwoman competion was held on 4 of September. Managment of the FISS: Daniela Forzinetti – Head of the FISS, Fabio Campeggio – General Secretary.

Logo of the ISSF

In competition participated 60 athletes total in diferent weights categories. Disciplines for 1st competition was following: farmer’s carry, deadlift, monster Dumbell lift, atlas stone lift, apollon axle lift.

Results of competition:

U60 strongwomen
U80 strongwomen
Men Pro
U80 strongmen
U95 strongmen
U110 strongmen

FISS will create a register for Italians Strongman Referee/judge/trainer soon. Federation started work very seriously. Our congratulations!

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