Official report by the World Strongmanabout re-organization

Official report by the World Strongman about re-organization, 15.08.22 Riga, Latvia

We have the re-organization in strongman sport and decisions of our Executive Committee dd. 25.07.22 is following:

  • by the decision of the ExCo R. Djuraev and S. Konyushok were removed from the organization and cancelled from their positions as president & 1st vice-president;
  • by the decision of the ExCo our organization has been rebranded to the World Strongman International Union of associations and clubs.

World Strongman still works with rules, rules are part of a sport, without rules there is not sport. World Strongman continues the sports way and not a private business. World Strongman is an internationally acclaimed sport public organization within strength athletics that has been founded in 2003 and re-organized in 2007 and in 2022. World Strongman has global members across 50 countries. World Strongman is a government body for strongmen sport in all over the world, and main focus is on development: the strategy with 2 main directions: – the strongmen sport: with world championships, standard 10 events, standard rules, 5 weight categories and women sport; – the sport for all – the strongman ethnosport we see as historical and cultural base for modern strongmen sport. We want to develop the strength sports globally by connecting competitors, organizers and sponsors via ethnosport.
Mission. The mission of the World Strongman is to govern the strongmen sport throughout the world, in accordance with the principles of democracy, good governance and transparency.
Aim. The main aim is being a premier organization as member of GAISF and to comply with the fundamental principles of Olympism and support basic sports values.

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