XVII International STRONGMAN Gran Prix “Villa de Aranjuez”

Last Saturday, September 3, 2022, the celebration of the XVII International Gran Prix Athletes of Strength “Villa de Aranjuez” took place at the Municipal Sports Stadium El Deleite de Aranjuez. Event integrated into the Aranjuez Mutiny Festivities, and consolidated in the Municipality and Recognized Worldwide.

A large audience and familiar faces from the world of sports and entertainment gathered to witness the Championship.
In this Edition, the confrontation between the Teams of Portugal and Spain, as well as knowing the individual and absolute Champion, was of special relevance.
Team ranking:
Spanish National Team – Champion with 106.5 points
Runner-up Portugal National Team 101.5 points
General ranking:

  1. Pedro Cordón (Spain) 42 points
  2. Miguel Ángel Caldentey (Spain) 42 points
  3. Joel Cardoso (Portugal) 37 points.
  4. Emanuel Almeida (Portugal) 35 points
  5. Diogo Mota (Portugal) 25 points
  6. Juan Figueroa (Spain) 22.5 points
  7. Daniel Aroca (Spain) 18.5 points
  8. Juan José Villajos (Spain) 18.5 points
  9. Álvaro Ortiz (Spain) 15.5 points
  10. Daniel Miguel (Spain) 15.5 points
    Very tough and hard-fought competition, that the panel of Judges, due to the tied points in the general classification, had to apply the technical tie, according to current AEAF regulations. and the WORLD STRONGMAN.

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